Be ready for your baby

Be ready for your baby in plenty of time before you meet for the first time.

It’s not just about the physical preparation for pregnancy and birth that is important in your step towards becoming a parent, it is critical that you have prepared yourself and your relationship and your family emotionally and psychologically for the little person that will rock your world.

Many pre-natal courses concentrate on the practical side of raising a newborn and the pre-birth preparation.  This is great and very necessary but there is a lot more that a pre-natal course can give you. As a professional early years practitioner for 3 decades, I know that it’s often after the birth when you are alone at home and coping with so many changes where you among many parents will find it challenging with your new baby. After the initial impact of having your baby is over, the new challenge of becoming a ‘PARENT’ begins!

That’s why my pre-natal courses focus on multiple aspects linked directly to your pregnancy and birth as well as the time following the birth and into the early years.


You will learn all of the essential newborn care skills, practical things like changing nappies and bathing and feeding, but you will also be prepared emotionally for the changes that will occur in your relationships, your friendships, your family structure, your work/life balance and in your own mentality in order to cope with the challenges that come ahead.

So many questions come to new parents and it is in relation to these small but regular needs that new parents find they don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Questions such as ‘how do I get my baby into a healthy sleep pattern’, diaper changing, feeding, when should I introduce solid foods and what kind, what stages of development will my baby go through, when should my baby walk, how can I encourage a rounded development, how do I involve grandparents and others on my own terms, how do I start to potty train my child, how do I teach more than one language to my child, how do I handle discipline and toddler tantrums?

The questions are endless and the answers available to new parents are endless too.  This course is about finding the parent inside that you want to be. Each individual, couple and family have their own style of parenting. It’s up to you to take the information from the course and apply that to your own parenting style. You will be given plenty of opportunity to question, absorb, interact and practice what that parenting style is going to mean to you.

In addition to the traditional methods of ante-natal practice, you will get inside knowledge on how to use NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques to set up a great communication and interaction structure within your family, learn how to introduce your new family baby in the family, support your partner and talk everything through and plan how you would like others to help and be involved.

You will walk away with the tools that will make you start your parenting journey on a solid footing and with confidence in your parenting decisions for the future.

All courses offer back up options such as email or online support later on so that when you come to that one time you are really stuck for an answer, you have a place to turn.


You don’t have to be pregnant to apply! Mums and dad’s to be can attend alone or as a couple and even if you are still in the planning stage and want to know more about what will happen when you are pregnant and waiting for baby, the course is great for you too!

For information about a range of other courses and seminars, contact Sharon. If you have lots of pregnant mums in your office or company, get in touch and we can tailor a bespoke course to your needs during work hours – many companies offer this benefit as it reduces time off from parents later on and is a great investment in employee relationships.


To find out about the next Sharon Kamel pre-natal course, get in touch by completing the form below and we will let you know when our next courses are running. 

Take the best decision you can about the serious business of parenting and book your pre-natal course today.

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