Are you 31 percent less likely to get divorced

There are some pretty interesting statistics that show pre-marital and marital counselling has a very solid foundation of result driven success. Couples who undertake pre-marital counselling are 31 percent less likely to get divorced. When you consider the impact a divorce has on children, that’s a statistic that would catch most people’s attention.


85% of couples between the age of 18 and 30 plan to marry

82% of those expect to be married for life

Couples are 31 percent less likely to get divorced if they have some kind of pre-marital counselling or courses before getting married

Marriage and pre-marriage courses increase marriage satisfaction by 30% as opposed to no pre-marriage or marriage counselling


The SYMBIS couples assessment takes a couple who plan to spend their lives together through some of the most critical aspects of their shared life. Over 1 million couples worldwide have taken the assessment and the results are pretty impressive!

Not only will you get to know yourself a little better by taking the assessment, but you will put your partner in the position of knowing you almost as well as you know yourself.

With knowledge, you can put together a constructive plan of different approaches that will help you gain greater satisfaction as a couple, as a person within a marriage and understand some of the key personal traits that will put you in a great place to manage yourself in relation to the person you intend to share your life with.


As a SYMBIS certified facilitator, I not only bring the SYMBIS structured assessment process together in follow up sessions, unpacking the data with the couple and discussing specific components of the assessment, but as an NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy practitioner with a number of years experience, I can support individuals in their personal goals in conjunction with their married life goals.

If you are dealing with a challenge that you think will impact on your marriage, then the help and support and back up is there for you all along the way from the first step and onward in your marriage journey.

Don’t hesitate in taking this critical step and start your marriage with the intention of Life Long Love today. Be one of the 31 percent of couples less likely to get divorced. Take a marriage assessment, before, and during your marriage to stay aligned with your partner.

I look forward to being your SYMBIS facilitator and your pre, and post marriage coach and mentor.

31 percent less likely to get divorced

To get your activation code and book your first session and your assessment, get in touch today HERE.


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