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With over 35 years’ experience in the early years and parenting field, I have gained a fair amount of insight into how children and family relationships function.

I really began to understand the full story about being a parent when I became one myself!

It has been a fantastic journey so far. Parenting my own children was the missing link in being able to offer first hand professional and experience based advice in combination with my own solid educational expertise in childcare and parenting.

I am grateful for the lessons that my two mini life-coaches have exposed me to as well as the vast array of clients that have crossed my path over 3 decades of my working life who have shared stories of grief, trauma, anxiety, stress and success, happiness, joy and love freely with me as if I was included as part of their family.

What have I discovered?  Well – there is no fast track answer, or 100% solution to any parenting question. What is important is the willingness to open your mind, try your best and stick with what you believe in – If I was to offer one GOLDEN PARENTING NUGGET, it would be to remain consistent and loving whatever you are faced with.  I have seen so many positive outcomes when parents slow down, stick to a pattern and just keep their hearts open to the special individuals that change their lives forever.

I consider myself a moral, co-operative parent if there is such a title. I try to impart the knowledge I have absorbed, but in a way that my children can take what they need for themselves whilst remaining individuals. I encourage them to question the world around them in order to find not one absolute answer to any question but to discover that there are always a range of options that can be applied to most of life’s experiences. Offering the tools and love of learning, rather than the answers is really my motto and my personal parenting goal. I want my children to know I am there when they need me but that they should have the confidence to fly the nest with confidence and the resources they need to be independent for their lifetime. Every parent has a style, its up to you to discover the kind of parent you want to be.

My history consists of running successful day-care business alongside a consistent training and business management background.  I have been producing and delivering training for childcare settings as well as individuals, parents and professionals for almost three decades. The combination of skills learned via professional training and 30 years of practice in early years, NLP, life coaching, child care and professional adult education training, puts me in a unique position to be able to offer a wide range of support and advice on a whole variety of childcare, early years and parenting subjects.

Soon to be added to my qualifications, is my Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine which is in progress right now and as ever the learner, I’m studying hard!

I look forward to being your continued resource for all things childcare, parenting and lifestyle and ultimately nutrition.

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